Terms & Conditions

1. Any abuse or unacceptable behaviour, or if the driver feels at risk, the driver has the right to ask the passengers to leave the vehicle.

2. Any soiling to our vehicles, our standard charge is £65. Additional charges may be made to cover the necessary cleaning costs should they exceed our standard charge.

3. We reserve the right to substitute any vehicle in the event of a breakdown or staff availability prior to any booking. If the breakdown should occur whilst you are on your journey the driver will contact the office and the operators will do their best to get you to your destination as soon as possible.

4. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have taken all your personal belongings from the vehicle. If the driver has to make another journey to return these belongings this will be charged for.

5. We are not responsible for any costs incurred to passengers who do not wait for their driver and take alternative transport or leave the airport.

6. We can only recommend a pick up time or journey time for you making allowances for the time of day you travel, however, we are not liable for any loss due to delays caused by traffic congestion, road closures, diversions, extreme weather conditions, road traffic accidents or breakdowns or any other unforeseen circumstances. However, every effort will be made by us to stop this from happening wherever possible.

7. Additional pick-ups or drop offs will be charged at the appropriate rate.

8. Davis Airport Cars will pay for the car parking up to a maximum of 30 minutes from the time that your plane lands. Any additional car parking fees after this time will be payable by yourselves unless agreed otherwise in advance.

9. Please make us aware of any delays, e.g. big queues at passport control, baggage carousel, or lost luggage. I can then advise the driver not to go straight into the airport. With all prices quoted, this includes up to 60 minutes free waiting time from your flight landing. On the occasion when it takes longer for passengers to go through passport, customs and baggage reclaim after disembarking a flight we reserve the right to charge for waiting time, this will be charged at £20 per hour, in 15 minutes increments.

10. Drop off/Pick up points – Davis Cars will pay for the first 10 minutes any additional charges will be liable.

11. Please ensure you give us your correct arrival times along with the day that you land in the UK, not your departing information. If an unnecessary journey is made because of incorrect information being supplied, you will be charged for both journeys.

12. All cancellations must be made in writing at least 24 hours before your departure date. If cancellation is less than 24 hours payment for the airport is to be paid in full.

13. Any journey undertaken must be paid for in full. Payment is due on the date of travel.

14. Although all return flights are monitored, please inform us should you experience any serious delays. If your flight has been delayed and now your collection is during unsocial hours (between 23.00pm-06.00am) we reserve the right to amend the price to the out of hours charge.